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    Hello everyone

    In the past I have done a couple reviews on the Seidio Innocase Surface 2, Innocase 360, and the Lock Clip Holster for the BlackBerry 9700 Bold SmartPhone. Now here is my thoughts and pictures on the Seidio charging dock for the BlackBerry 9700 Bold SmartPhone. I decided to get the Seidio charging dock as I use the Innocases alot and I hate removing the case to get it into the OEM dock. With the Seidio dock I don't need to worry about that, as its made to be used with the Innocase on, but also comes with an insert so you can use the dock without needing a case. Also later in the pictures you may notice a slot near the back of the dock, that is if you have the Seidio extended battery in your device. So this dock covers everything! If you have an Innocase; covered, have an Extended battery; covered. All covered!

    You can get the Seidio Dock (with cable) for the 9700 by clicking here for $34.95...

    You can get the Seidio Dock (no cable) for the 9700 by clicking here for $24.95...

    Anyways, let's get starting why don't we. I opted to get the cradle that didn't come with the USB charging cable as I have one already that is from the device itself which is good enough for me. I received the package in a large UPS envelope with a small white box inside it. The picture below shows how mine was packaged. To me I think it was well packed to make sure it could withstand the hazards of shipping.

    Inside the box you can see I got the dock, with the insert (used for if you are NOT using an Innocase of some sort), and an instruction sheet, all wrapped up in a nice plastic sleeve to make sure it doesn't scratch while in the box.

    Here below the picture is showing the insert that is used for a naked device, and the dock itself. I personally think the Seidio dock looks better then OEM. I don't know why but I don't like the OEM dock that much, I don't like shinny and i like how the Seidio dock lets the device sit lower into the dock so it resists tipping out of the dock easily.

    Here is a picture with the insert in the dock.

    Here is a close up picture of the dock without the insert in the dock.

    Now here are some of the mother shots. Below are pictures of my device in the dock with the Innocase Surface 2 on.


    Front Picture:

    And one last picture of the front of the dock for your viewing pleasures:

    Final thoughts...

    I think this dock is perfect! Looks great with the matte black material on it (like they put on their Innocases). I have not had a single issue with the dock charging the device. It slides in and fits perfectly in the spot where it needs to go. No matter what angle I put it in it adjusts itself and the connectors make contact without issues. The only think i would like to see Seidio maybe do (not sure if its a case of manufacturing or what) but maybe offer more colors for the docks like they do for Innocases. That way people can have a choice of what colors they would like. Other then that, I don't think they could make this dock any better. Device fits perfect it in, and everything works as claimed.

    Any questions please feel free to ask away!
    01-30-10 09:48 PM
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    Very nice post and pictures. Crazy they want $10 for the cable! Thanks for the info!
    01-30-10 10:17 PM
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    Well done, very nice review. Im going to check out this set up. I hate plugging the mini usb into my new 9700, Im always afraid I'll damage the charging port.
    01-30-10 10:20 PM
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    I ordered an Innocase 2 and charging docking last week. I'm looking forward to a nice case and the convenience of the dock.
    01-30-10 10:57 PM
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    good review
    01-30-10 11:01 PM