1. blueyestm's Avatar
    I managed to do just that dropping it from my hip to the floor at the hospital. The phone came out of the case and now the upper right corner where it snaps into place is cracked almost clean through. I put it back on but need to order a new one now lol

    Phone still works though which is the good thing as the case took the brunt of the hit I guess.
    07-15-09 07:06 AM
  2. skyboxer's Avatar
    Yup, haven't dropped mine yet but I expect it would break when/if I do. All the kinetic energy has to go somewhere. I figure if the case was softer, it would bounce, maybe landing the phone on its face next time down. If it were harder it would transfer the energy into the phone and nobody wants that.
    07-15-09 07:55 AM