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    Hello All,

    I am only writing this because I am very disappointed with this case. I am sure there are threads about this already as well but I felt I needed my own. I've had the 360 case since the week after it came out. It was great at first. Then I started noticing it was wearing out. I dropped the phone twice and both times on a carpeted area.The top right hand portion of my case has cracked due to this. The crack is not allowing the clip to enter the slot to secure the phone tight and now I pretty much have no use for this case. I know I've seen a user that works for Seidio come on here and post comments with help to users and I was wondering if he could help me with this issue. Also near the track ball around the circle area, the plastic is starting to peal where the arrow key is (I guess because I've been using the phone so much lately) I paid 35 bucks for this case and I honestly invested in this case thinking it would last me more than 3 months. It's a great case, yes, but right now I am very unhappy with it. Can anyone help me with any information? I'm really fustrated about this and I do not think I should dish out another $35 on a new case. I mean the case is supposed to protect the phone and keep it secure, not break because the phone actually fell. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
    07-16-09 04:05 PM
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    Theres like 35 threads on this case. Use the search funkshion.

    And yes, its a crappy junker.

    07-16-09 04:44 PM
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    Lol @ laserus... Seidioseidio is the user. I think

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    07-16-09 05:04 PM
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    Sounds secksy!

    07-16-09 05:08 PM