1. mitchberry's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I have the 8330 Curve with the Zagg InvisibleShield [which is great!]. I am interested in buying the Seideio Innocase to complete the "total protection" of the Curve.

    Does anyone know if the Innocase will fit over the Curve with the InvisibleShield applied?


    01-28-09 05:04 PM
  2. songbird's Avatar
    i had the invisible shield and the seido soft-touch hard case. although the case did fit, it didn't snap properly on all the snaps. i know that the case differs from yours, but just thought you outta know
    01-28-09 06:49 PM
  3. mitchberry's Avatar
    Thanks Songbird. I figured that maybe it wouldn't fit properly as the case is very tight.
    01-28-09 07:11 PM
  4. Rob_Marchese's Avatar
    We used BestSkinsEver and had similar problems. What we did was only put the front protector on and it fit good. When we had both back and front protectors on, the case would not snap tight. The important one is the front anyway...
    01-29-09 09:23 AM