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    When I bought my BB 8330, I bought a body Glove case for it as well. I liked the sturdy design, and I also liked the fact that it had a hard plastic screen cover. Now...
    I've been reading that pocket lint is bad for the trackball. I've been wanting a charging station too.
    It seems no charging station (except for 1 really expensive one) works with a case on the 8330.
    This being said, it's time for me to "acessorize", and I'd like to hear peoples personal experiences.

    I've been looking on Amazon, and finding screen protectors (3-packs) ranging from $.02 to $.63.
    Is one type better than another? Is one brand clearer than another?

    Also, I need a belt clip-style holder, I like this Seido (about $20). Anyone use it or one designed like it?

    I plan on getting a charging pod, there are several listed at different prices on Amazon. Thoughts?

    And lastly, the car mount. Seriously, I've been all over town looking for one I like. No dice. But, I'm picky. I have a Tacoma. The cup holder is a slide-out, right under the vents. So, no vent / cupholder mounts. And I hate things stuck to my window. My truck rides ROUGH, I suspect anything mounted via 3M tape would not last long, and I really don't want to use superglue on my dash.

    I found this online. I'm thinking of screwing it to my center console.
    I also found this "goose-neck" type mount that I can attach to a seat bolt.

    Anyone have anything I've linked, or similar, and have good/bad stories to share?
    Thanks to all, and I look forward to anyone's assistance in finding that "perfect" accessory!
    09-05-09 08:38 PM