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    Hi gang:

    A new Torch 9850 from Verizon later this week will be my first Blackberry and first smartphone.

    Some thoughts and experiences with screen protectors and cases would be greatly appreciated. I find the Torch so gorgeous and unique that I'd like to not hide its uniqueness in a case if possible. Normally I carry it in a cargo pocket and slide it out to use it and spend most of the day in an office or driving around. Anybody have experiences with the BodyGuardz products or anything available through Verizon.

    Thanks everyone.

    soon to be sending from my Blackberry Torch
    09-21-11 05:59 PM
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    there's a thread on the screen protector somewhere....I got a few cases/skins from ebay...I do like the soft OEM case by RIM....this is also a great skin for it for total protection...soft and will absorb a lot of drop impact:

    Black Soft Gel SKIN Case Cover Blackberry Torch 9850 | eBay

    the only problem I saw (but not a big problem is that if you have big fingers, it MAY affect your typing at the edge....very minor tho

    here's the link to the thread on screen protectors:

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    09-21-11 07:50 PM
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    actually, while I was waiting for a Skinomi screen protector that I had ordered from Amazon, I went into Verizon to get one until the other one came in.

    The VZW screen protector only covers the screen itself but is extremely easy to install. I believe that I got three in a package for around $10. I am no pro and I got that thing directly centered because of the whole "dotted line" and tab setup that they use. It is almost invisible to the naked eye.

    I will put on the better one later
    09-21-11 10:58 PM
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    I like the hard-shell slim cases best. I had a "Barely There" case/shell for my Storm2 and dropped it several times with no problem to the phone (just scratches on the blue case). Case Mate has not made a Barely There case for the 9850 yet so I got the OEM BlackBerry branded one in black. IMHO it doesn't detract from the slimness of the Torch and enhances it as it makes it entirely black because it hides the chrome side strips. I like the horizontal ribs on the back and it's curved for comfortable horizontal use. My only beef is it hides the cool chrome BB logo on the back and replaces it with a molded one which is barely visible.

    And it protects the phone. My other half already dropped the phone, it hit the concrete, the case snapped off and he caught it after the bouce. No scratches or anything.

    I haven't dropped mine yet.
    09-21-11 11:36 PM