1. Cumby's Avatar
    Can anyone recommend a clear screen protector to protect from scratches? I have an 8330 and I bought a privacy protector from Verizon because that is all they had. It makes my screen look darker and very grainy. Dont like it at all. I simply want something that will prevent scratches and doesn't distort the screen. Any recommendations?
    11-28-09 09:17 AM
  2. qb175's Avatar
    Seems like this subject is brought up every day. Check out Phantom Skinz, Best Skins Ever and Invisible Shield. I dont know enough about them to make a reccommendation so I can't help you out there. In fact, I just had a similar post last week. Do a search and read read read.

    Good luck!!
    11-28-09 09:28 AM
  3. rizzzzoooo's Avatar
    I always use clarivue screen protectors. They are a bit pricey but IMO worth every cent. website is Clarivue Screen Protectors - Blackberry, iPhone 3G, HTC protection
    11-28-09 09:31 AM
  4. leprechaunshawn's Avatar
    I use an Invisible Shield. You can find them on Amazon, Ebay, etc for a decent price. If you aren't a patient person I would recommend paying someone to install it for you. I had Best Buy put mine on for me. They charged me 6 or 7 dollars.
    11-28-09 09:33 AM
  5. red33's Avatar
    I bought a pack of clear screen protectors from walmart. they are called write right. cut to fit. cost about $5 i think. perfect for what you want and need
    11-28-09 12:29 PM
  6. Chrisy's Avatar
    i had a screen protector from Best Skins Ever. Looked great and easy to install.
    11-28-09 12:33 PM
  7. mvc2demon's Avatar
    I have an invisible shield. Has been really good. A bit pricey, but they usually have half off during holidays. Thats how i got a screen and body protector for like 13 bux back in memorial day.

    edit: 50% at clearprotector.com
    Clearprotector Ipod/Iphone etc. skins 50% off sale, Free shipping - SlickDeals.net Forums
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    11-30-09 12:26 AM