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    Highly recommended - Shieldzone at ShieldZone - Screen Protector for iPod, PDA, Cell Phone & PSP

    Offer state of the art scratch protection for all Blackberry models, iPods, LCD screens of digital cameras, cell phones, the list is endless. The protective shields are made to specifically fit individual devices. You can choose whether to protect the screen only, or the entire device. They are easy to apply, and come with a life-time guarantee.

    The ultra-thin, almost invisible transparent film is ultra-strong and totally scratch resistant. The same film type is used in the military to coat and protect helicopter rotor blades.

    Use the "Find a shield" search box to find the shield for your device. Look at the excellent videos on this site that show iPods and other devices attempting to be scratched by keys. Not a scratch.

    I have a screen shield on my Samsung D900, and a full body shield for my iPod video. It keeps them looking brand new
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