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    Hi everyone,

    I dont really know that much about the memory cards that are used in phones; but I'm curious if anyone can tell me if there is a difference between these products:

    SanDisk Flash 32 GB microSD Flash Memory Card SDSDQM-032G (Black): Amazon.ca: Electronics


    Sandisk 32GB MicroSDHC Memory Card : Memory - Best Buy Canada

    To me, they are the exact same but Amazon.CA is significantly cheaper than Best Buy - $28.99 versus $99.99. So I'm curious if anyone can see a difference between the memory cards?
    06-06-12 12:57 AM
  2. cscott44's Avatar
    Well like you I couldn't find any difference between the two except price so I went with the one from Amazon. I've used it for the past couple of months with no problems.
    06-06-12 09:57 AM
  3. Pete6's Avatar
    I cannot tell from the two ads but SanDisk sells its products two main way in the retail space.

    1). You buy a retail (bubble package) packed microSD card from SanDisk. This usually comes with a USB adapter device. This is sold by SanDisk and you get a SanDisk warranty. Thus if it breaks, you deal direct with SanDisk. product is usually more expensive than the next option.

    2). The microSD card is what SanDisk call "bulk packaged". It can come in any sort of packaging from a plastic bag upwards. Usually there is no USB adapter because SanDisk did not supply one with the card. The warranty is not with SanDisk. Intsead the warranty is with the company who supplied the product. This is the cheaper option because SanDisk have supplied the seller in bulk.

    I found this out by accident when I was talking to a SanDisk rep on the phone. She told me that SanDisk supply such card to manufacturers for inclusion in other products and thus retail packaging is not required.

    Unfortunately without the packaging (even with it sometimes) it is harder to judge if you have just bought a genuine SanDisk product or a cheap knock off with the SanDisk name on it.

    One other thing to consider in the price of a microSD card is the Class. Class means speed and the higher the Calss the faster the card can read or write. Reading is not so important since mostly the card will be used for media playback. Clearly read speed does have some advantage for backing up the card or just copying from it.

    The write speed obviously makes putting stuff onto the card quicker.

    Anything above a Class 6 is good enough for full HD video recod and playback.

    Equally obviously the higher the Class, the more expensive the card. The Class number is shown in a circle. Here's a Class 4 card
    06-06-12 10:47 AM