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    BLACKBERRY OEM REPLACEMENT LCD SCREEN DISPLAY BOLD 9650 - eBay (item 390298129054 end time Apr-15-11 17:58:37 PDT)

    You think that is a good deal? I know that it is used but that's okay. Anyone have any experiences with talkin tree?

    Am I crazy too worry that the screens may be modified and may mess up my phone or get my information somehow?

    I recently cycled my 9330 through the wash, but have a 9650 without a screen so all i need to do is get one of these.

    03-20-11 01:42 PM
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    03-20-11 04:44 PM
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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    So you definitely trust all them?

    SW seems to have what I need at a good price, it's just not OEM and they are based in China, do you think they are okay?

    Dealishop may be better, good experiences with them?

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    03-21-11 02:47 PM
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    Most of the stuff on eBay, is not OEM, and originates from China. That is no huge surprise, and you shouldn't be surprised to read it.
    03-21-11 03:22 PM
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    yea none of these parts are true RIM OEM as far as i know. however, ive bought from all of the above places and never had any problems. i bought a trackpad and a whole midplate assembly for my 9700 (included speaker, camera flash and headphone jack i think) and everything worked perfectly. the dealsishop site is US based i think so shipping is quicker.
    03-21-11 04:10 PM
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    Moving thread to BB Accessories
    03-21-11 10:41 PM