1. Baldieone's Avatar

    Not sure if i have posted this in the wrong place or if it has been answered before, im new!

    I have recently bought a Storm 2 and am loving it however, I would like the notification sounds (for emails, messages etc) to come through the headphones as opposed to silencing the music and playing the applicable notification sound through the phone speaker instead.

    any ideas?

    cheers in advance
    01-21-10 04:25 AM
  2. brillantesdv's Avatar
    storm2 doesnt support it. dont ask why. just doesnt. its a hardware thing probably, so dont get your hopes up for a permenant fix.

    a work around is to set the notifications to vibrate or silent, then your music wont get interrupted.

    my old 8300 worked playing ringtones and music at the same time though. definitely a phone specific thing.
    01-21-10 04:33 AM
  3. Baldieone's Avatar
    what a ridiculous thing to miss off the phone. I find myself having to watch the LED most of the time to see if i have any notifications, shurely there must be an easy fix to it!
    01-21-10 04:40 AM