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    First of all, I am new to this so please be patient with me. I upgraded from an Instinct to the Blackberry Curve. I must say I love this phone and have a hard time putting it down. With that being said, I want this phone to last for a while. I have a Blackberry silicone cover for my Curve. I also have a Blackberry leather case for the 8900, to accomodate the silicone case. With me having the 8900 case, will it effect my BB in anyway?
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    I can't imagine being able to fit a BB that is in a silicone case into the leather. Maybe I read this wrong?

    I have an Invisible Shield on mine and go versatile on what I take my 8900 'out' in. That way if I wanna rock it nekkid it ain't no thang...but when it's in various cases I'm not worried about it scratching or scuffing from going into and out of different cases.

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    Actually my BB fits rather well in the leather case with the silicone skin on it. That's why I went with the case for the 8900 because it's a little bit bigger.
    06-07-09 09:11 PM
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    I use a BodyGlove hard case that has a screen cover on it. The cover is coated in rubber so it bounces when you drop it
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    Thanks for the help everyone!!
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    Thanks for the help everyone!!
    No problem welcome to crackberry!
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