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    I've gotten so much great info from this site that I thought I would give something back. Unlike most folks I prefer OEM equipment for some reason, so I decided to purchase an OEM horizontal flip-top case. This is my first review so bear with me.

    I got the vertical case with my Bold from AT&T and while it worked great, I didn't like pulling my Bold out sideways, and I don't like how tall it is if you leave it vertical.

    I purchased the horizontal case from eforcity.com for $15.49 + 3.99 for shipping. I ordered it on a Thurs and it showed up the following Wed.

    They both have an immalleable back to which the leather is stitched to, but the horizontal case has a slightly thicker material making it a little more sturdy. The leather on the vertical case is a little thicker and a little more rigid. I'm not sure if this equals to a higher/lesser quality, but I thought I'd mention it.
    Advantage - Horizontal

    The horizontal case has two magnets instead of one, which makes the top stay a little more secure. Both cases have the sleep sensor.
    Advantage - Horizontal

    The inside of the vertical case feels like some sort of cheap felt, but the horizontal case just has a very smooth leather surface. I think both of them will prevent scratches equally, but the horizontal one looks like a little higher quality.
    Advantage - Horizontal

    My Bold fits into the vertical case either way, but the horizontal case only take the Bold with the screen towards the body. I can already see that the horizontal case has a greater potential for pressing buttons and moving the trackball, but that tends not to matter when the phone is just about to be put to sleep. Removing the Bold from the vertical case without hitting any buttons is easy once you get the hang of it. But the horizontal case puts the keys right where you use your finger to pry it out. The new case isn't as snug as I thought it would be, but I already know that pushing up from the opening with your finger is going to be the only way to get it out. Overall I think the Bold fits in the horizontal case better.
    Advantage - Horizontal

    You have perfect access to the headphone jack/usb jack with the vertical case. The horizontal case gives you access to nothing, unless you leave the Bold halfway out. You will not be able to charge or use headphones at all while it's in the case.
    Advantage - Vertical

    The belt clip on the vertical is of the polycarbonate-swivel version, which is spring loaded. The horizontal case just has a medium sized, leather-wrapped, metal clip. This clip works ok with a belt, but I've already dropped my baby twice while wearing running pants. The vertical cases clip is much longer and has a hook on the end, making it work excellent with most attire.
    Advantage - Vertical

    The profile for the horizontal case is much smaller than the vertical. It definitely bulges less if you're wearing your shirt un-tucked. And I find it doesn't bump into things quite as much when I'm wearing it on my hip. The vertical case it big, boxy, and a tad unsightly. The horizontal case has white stitching on the flap giving it a slight contrast which looks classy. And the logo on the horizontal case looks a little more sleek as well.
    Advantage - Horizontal

    All in all I'm happy with my purchase, even if I can't charge or listen to music while holstered. The price was good too. If you are in need of a good case and don't see spending $20-$40 plus $5-$15 for shipping then you should look in to this one. If you have a few more dollars in your budget then I would suggest moving on. Hope this helps someone!

    Pictures are up!
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    Great review, LRD. Thanks for sharing.
    01-30-09 07:25 PM
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    Yeah...excellent review!!

    I am in a business (automobile retail) that requires me to be in and out of cars all day long...and that, plus the fact that I am not as young (read: "skinny") as I used to be, has me being a huge fan of horizontal-mount belt pouches. I have had one for almost every device I've ever used so far...and I had the OEM horizontal one for my Bold for a while, then returned it.

    My problem is, that the horizontal case is almost too form fitting for the Bold...and hence, makes it really difficult to remove the Bold when it rings. As a matter of fact, I never could get the phone out of the case before my caller had hung up. I'm sure that, with use...the horizontal case would "stretch" a little, but it seriously needs some elastic strips on the sides to make getting the phone out less of a hassle, IMO.

    I'm using the vertical case that came with my Bold...purely because it works. It allows me to pull the phone out easily and quickly, and allows me to put the phone back into the case with one easy & quick move...and has done that since day-one out of the box. Is it more boxy and unsightly...yes. Does it have more of the phone-dork look...yes. But, it works much better and easier than the horizontal...and that sucks, since I really like the looks and usability of a horizontal case much better.

    I wish someone would comment on how their OEM horizontal case has stretched (or not) and if it has become more usable with age. I would love to have a reason to pick up another horizontal one!
    01-30-09 08:42 PM
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    I have one and it stretched out fine. I have ultimately fallen in love with the pocket pouch. But here's the difference, I'm not running around all day, so I can leave it on my desk. If it were the other way, I would use the horizontal. The vertical that came with it pops off my belt too easy. I like the case, but that clip is pathetic.
    01-30-09 09:11 PM
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    great review, post some pics up!
    01-30-09 09:11 PM
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    I bought the OEM horizontal folio case (the one with no clip and no hole on the bottom end of the case) and the only 2 gripes I have about it are:

    1. To pull the phone out, you need to grip a part of the screen (gripping the button doesn't seem right to me). I don't put pressure on the screen. I just put enough pressure to get grip and then I pull. So far I think it's working fine, and I don't notice any creaking and the screen isn't giving way, which is good. But it's still not too ideal of a way to get it out.

    2. No access to headphone or usb jacks.

    What I do like about it is that I can toss the bold into my pocket and it is very easily accessible. It's not bulky at all thanks to the lack of clip, and I can also put the phone to sleep just by resting the phone on top of the case (strong magnets).

    Overall I recommend it highly, even with those slight gripes.
    01-30-09 11:23 PM
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    I too am a big fan of OEM only.
    01-30-09 11:29 PM
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    Shouldve Put This In The Community Reviews
    01-31-09 01:42 AM
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    Sorry for putting it in the wrong place... First review and all.

    Pictures are up!
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    i just got the horizonal case. i thought the one that came w/ att was too big.

    the horizontal one however is too tight! way too tight. i can barely push the phone in and barely take it out. i really hope over time it will stretch out..
    02-04-09 07:41 PM
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    I too bought the OEM Blackberry horizontal case from Ebay. The construction is excellent but the fit is too tight. I wear the horizontal holster on my left side. The only I've found to get the Bold out of the holster is to push up HARD from the bottom opening with my left hand and grab the Bold with my right. The fit is so tight, I'd had to really grip the Bold and tug it out. When you're grabbing at your phone, there is not much surface area to grip to get the phone out. The only parts are the keys (which you try to avoid) and the screen. As a result, I gripped the screen and now have a hairline fracture in the plastic lens.

    If I were to do it again I would get the horizontal case from PDAir. The two tone stitching looks nice, it has the sleeper function and it looks likes it has elastic bands on the sides.
    02-04-09 08:01 PM
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    Yea like u guys said, the horizontal case was SOOOO tight. Useless actually. Got rid of it and never got the chance to use it.
    02-04-09 08:08 PM
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    You guys should give the horizontal folio case a try. It's the one without the belt clip and it also doesn't have the pushing hole on the bottom. The fit isn't overly tight. It's just right, which is great. But I mentioned the cons about it in one of my earlier posts in this thread.
    02-04-09 11:07 PM