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    After getting my first BlackBerry, I decided it would be a good idea to get a case. I wanted something form fitting, but all of the ones I looked at were ugly. I got used to using the BlackBerry sleeve that it came with, so then I started looking at cases where you have to remove the phone to use it.

    After browsing eBay, I determined that most of the cases were complete junk. For example, I had purchased a cheap eBay 'leather' case for my Razr, and it failed after a few months. I am very picky about my cases and absolutely hate the swivel clip, so it was hard to find something on eBay that suited my needs.

    I discovered Fortte cases through a forum and browsed their selection. I really liked how I could choose which clip I wanted, and although it was too pricey for me, it was nice to know that I could have customized the case a lot more. I was not looking to spend $40 on a case, but I found a coupon that brought it down to $30 so it was a little easier on the pocket. I chose the vertical pouch for a few reasons. I liked the sleeve that came with the 8120, but it did not offer any protection for the top of the phone, and I could not clip it to my pocket. I am so used to having a phone clipped to my front pocket, and it just felt akward having if down lower in my pants. The Fortte case took care of both of these issues.

    It took about 2-3 weeks for me to get the case which was a bit long for me, but I got by using the sleeve. Once it came, I realized the wait was worth it. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the smell, the smell of authentic leather. The packaging was nice and it had a little sticker that described my custom case. The build quality of the case was superb: good, even stitching, nice round contours, and a sturdy leather covered clip. I tore it open and shoved my phone in and I could tell that the case was very tight; so tight that it was hard to remove it when I had a call. I was worried, but then I remembered that my authentic leather iPod case was the same way and it is now very loose.

    I fixed the tightness by shoving the end of a spare pillowcase into the Fortte case until it was tight. After a day or two, it has expanded enough that the phone can be easily removed. I was concerned that the metal logo on the front of the case might be large and obnoxious, but it adds a nice touch of class to the black leather. Another thing that bothered me was the open bottom corners: I could just imagine my keys or something being in the wrong place at the right time and scratching the phone. I put some spare InvisibleShield on the corners to fix that, but I think they might start to pull up because of constant removal of the device from the case.

    The leather strap with a magnetic button on the top of the phone is nice because it will prevent scratches from me putting things into my pocket. My only complaint is it obscures the view of the indicator light. If you are looking down into the case (assuming it is on your belt or pocket), you can see it, but it is more difficult if it is sitting on a desk. Even though this also blocks the speaker, the phone is still loud enough to be heard.

    The case adds very little bulk to the phone, and the 8120 looks much classier inside the form fitting case. I am very glad I spent a little extra for a nice case that I'm sure will last me a while. I can vouch for Fortte and will recommend their cases to other BlackBerry owners.
    09-12-08 10:27 PM