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    This started out being a reply to the Body Glove Bold review and as I went on, it turned into more of a review, so instead of posting it as it was, I decided to make it an actual review thread...

    Sadly, I was going to provide a link to the review for the Bold case, but since I haven't posted enough, y'all will just have to either post it for me in a comment, or go search for yourselves

    Very cool... does anyone know if they make one for the Storm?
    As has been said, yes they do, but to be honest, I was less than completely thrilled with mine.

    Because I am lazy, I've got no pictures, but if you look at the Bold case review linked above, you'll see pics, and truth be told, it's the exact same case, just molded for the Storm.

    The Storm version of this case is just as clunky, which isn't a bad thing, as to me, clunky = very protective... I've had BG cases for my iPods and other phones and have never worried about dropping them, or kicking them across the floor, or anything else... Until this point, I've found their cases for various items to be well made and I've always like them.

    HOWEVER, the one for the storm was fairly ill fitting for me. It was a PITA to get snapped all the way around, and the top end (the end near the lock and mute keys) never snapped fully closed. This is the biggest annoyance for me... then I decided to put a set of Phantom Skins on the phone, because there are just some times that I want to go naked, and I found that after putting them on, the BG Storm case would not fit at all... and Phantom skins are NOT thick... just a few mils really...

    I think they could have made the inside of the case just a millimeter or so larger and it would snap and close better, and would accommodate protective skins as well.

    Anyway, back to the review. As described in the Bold review, the Storm case comes with five parts... two shell pieces, a tab to use without the clip button, a tab to use that has the clip button, and the clip itself.

    The material actually felt fine, and it slid in and out of pockets easily, even with the clip button attached, though when the button was attached, having tight pockets can be a pain...

    It felt good and solid, and while I don't make it a habit of testing this out by dropping my expensive gadgets on purpose, I am fairly sure it would withstand normal dropping just like all the other BG cases I've used over the years.

    The clip is, as the Bold review says, the best part. It's removable, rotatable,and allows you to clip the Storm to your belt either horizontal or vertical. The button is nice, and something I'm fond of, as it allows me to hang the storm on the dash of my Miata using a little stick on widget I found at the flea market without using up a cup holder or worrying about it sliding around the dash.

    The clip itself also doubles as a stand, and while I don't use it THAT much, I found that that item itself made the case great, especially when traveling as I use my phone a lot as a traveling alarm clock.

    Back to the fit, however...

    The fit is my only real complaint. As I stated before, for me, it felt as though the case was just a mm or two too small and makes NO allowance for any kind of protective skin, other than a screen protector. Even without skins, the case did not fit well, and was a bear to snap close, and again, as I said before, did not snap close completely at the top, which made it seem a little... unstable... or at the very least caused it to make just a little noise when I was actually on the phone and the loose pieces would rub together.

    Another problem is that it's not easy to remove. Eventually (after only about 3 weeks) one of the tabs broke, so now I have a 25.00 piece of trash instead of a useful case. Ordinarily, that's probably not an issue, but with the Storm (my first Blackberry, mind you) I've found that being able to remove the case is kind of a requirement, unlike pretty much everything else I've ever used, be it an iPod, phone, or PDA.

    All in all, the one I had was nice, but not as well built as I would have expected from Body Glove. I really think that just adding 1mm of total extra space inside the case, or .5mm front and back, would go a LONG way to making this case fit PERFECTLY with our without things like Phantom Skins also installed.
    09-17-09 01:43 PM
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    Since I am now at the offical 10 Post milestone and can actually put Links in things...HERE is the BG Bold case review that I mentioned in the original post.
    09-17-09 01:58 PM
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    Pretty nice case bodyglove made and a good review you put out there keep up the good work.
    09-21-09 07:13 AM
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    I bought blackberry storm @ about week half ago, i also purchase body glove too, well when storm 2 is in case blackberry button dont work. Take it out case it works great. It has its up and down when it is in body glove. Any helpful tips out. I
    11-15-09 09:37 AM
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    Thank for the review .. but Im gettin that Otterbox Commuter.. so FRESH
    11-15-09 10:07 AM
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    Yeah... I went the way of the big OtterBox case (Defender). It's super manly... but more important, it's very well built. I should do another review (I'd be the umpteenth OB defender review, I guess ;-) )
    11-16-09 09:25 AM
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    About the Otterbox Defender;
    Are they easily removed and reinstalled to the BB? I'm wondering, also about the eas of removing and reinstalling the face protector.
    I work in harsh environments and want protection for my 'Berry, but would like to take it out and use the regular cases that came with the phone on weekends etc.
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    11-16-09 10:01 PM
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    Yes and no. It's not terribly difficult but it's not trivial either..

    So the Defender comes in three parts. Two hard plastic covers, one for front and one for back. The front one has a plastic cover glued to it to protect the screen. You put the BB in those two covers and slide them together until they latch firmly (and they do seal pretty well.

    Then you slip the rubber cover around and push all the tabs on the plastic cover through the holes on the rubber cover and there you go. Taking it off is just the reverse of that.

    Honestly, though, I had the same idea you did, but after getting used to the defender, I've only taken it off a couple times to clean the bb and the case and do a battery pull. I use it all the time now and I'm glad I have. Cats knock it off the counter. I've dropped it getting in and out of the car, and teh defender just keeps on protecting...
    11-16-09 10:36 PM