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    After trying out several products from Seidio for the BlackBerry 83xx Curve, I felt I should include my views on two more of this companys offerings...

    *1500mAh OEM Sized Extended Life Battery
    *Rubberized Spring-Clip Swivel Holster For The Un-Skinned Curve

    1) 1500mAh OEM Sized Extended Life Battery:


    I had tested and reviewed the Seidio 2600mAh extended life battery in an earlier thread, and found that, although it offered more than ample battery life for "power users" and those who were forced to be away from a charger...it was simply too large and bulky for my taste, to be used as an "everyday" battery. However, Seidio has been able to squeeze a bit more battery power into a battery that is almost exactly the same size as the stock Curve battery...and claim up to 20% more battery life. After I followed the suggested initial 8-hour charge, and three subsequent full charges (drain to 15% charge, and then charge to 100%)...I can attest that the claims Seidio makes for this product are pretty much on the money. With the stock battery, after an overnight charge, I am at 25-30% at the end of a moderate-use day. With the 1500mAh battery, I am at 50-60% of available charge after the same 12-hour day. The little extra available battery life is a very welcome "safety net" for normal users like myself. Plus, the slightly heavier weight of the 1500mAh battery adds to the bottom-weight of the Curve, and I definately like the added heft. The bottom line is: I feel this is a great "everyday" battery for most Curve users, and offers great performance at a fair price.

    2) Rubberized Spring-Clip Swivel Holster For The Un-Skinned Curve


    After several weeks now of using the Seidio Spring-Clip Holster in conjunction with the Hybrid Slim Hard Case and Rubberized Hard Case...I was impressed by how securely my "cased" Surve was held in the holster, and how easy it was to remove and replace the phone. So, taking my beloved 8310 Curve out of it's protective case and using this Rubberized Holster without any protection in case of it coming out of the holster (as I had experience with in my Treo 680 days...) was met with some trepidation on my part. But, I have been very pleasently suprised. The Seidio Rubberized Holster for the Un-Skinned or "naked" Curve held my phone securely and tightly, never once making me think it could spit my phone out with a nudge or bump. And, although spring-loaded top "clip" is designed to be lifted when loading the phone in the holster...I kept forgetting that, and rather kept simply pressing my phone into the case. I can tell you that fears of the clip scratching or marring the Curves finish are unfounded. After many removals and inserts...my phone is still unscathed and beautiful. The belt clip, like the one on the holster for the "Skinned/Cased" Curve had a tendency to slide around on my belt more than I would have liked in a perfect world...but since the clip must be able to fit any width and thickness of belt a user might wear...it does a pretty good job, and is certainly secure enough not to worry about the holster/phone combination being ripped free from your belt. Overall, I think this is a great product for those who don't want to hide the beauty of their device in a case or skin...but want to carry their phone somewhere besides a pocket or leather pouch. It is made well, and performs admirably.

    Overall, I must give Seidio credit for having the largest selection of smartphone-specific products on the planet. Like any other manufacturer, not every product is perfect, but most of Seidios products work as they are advertized to work, and the quality is generally very high. I would recommend Seidio products to anyone looking for accessories for their smartphone devices.
    12-28-07 09:15 PM