1. Ziads's Avatar
    i have a small question.
    When i plug my bb bold 9700 into the laptop...a window open in my phone screen and ask me if i wanna use the mass storage, i click the cancel option then open my blackberry desktop manager and do either a backup for my phone or restore it. When i finish from the desktop manager i close it and i want then to access the memory card. And to access the memory card i always unplug the phone from cable then put it back so tht the window Ask me if i want to use mass storage( which i want in this stage) to access memory card. Is there a way where i can move from using desktop manager to memory card without unplugging the phone from laptop? a direct way?! im bored from unplugging it just so tht i either click YES/NO to get into mass storage of memory card after finishing from blackberry desktop manager!
    Thanks all
    05-23-10 07:03 PM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    Yes you can... when asked the next time before click YES, click the checkbox to say don't ask me again, then click Yes to allow Mass Storage... if you want to turn this off later you go into Options > Memory and change it within there.
    05-23-10 07:22 PM