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    I have the blue seidio rubber hard case for my pearl. Ive had the case for about 3 weeks now and ive got some pros and cons.

    Pros: allows you to change the color of your BB. Gives good protection from scratches and water. makes the phone a little more grippable (is that even a word)? anyways the phone isnt as slick.

    Cons: I feel like it sort of makes my BB look like a cheap old nokia phone! when you have the old accidental drop of the phone on a hard surface sometimes the case pops off and exposes the poor BB to horrible abuse from the ground :-(. It seems like the more i take it off and put it on, that theirs a chance its going to break :-( like it might wear the case out...

    All in all Im happy with purchase, but I would recommend a silicon skin over the seidio case. My wife has a silicon skin on her bb and weve both dropped the bb's and hers never pops out of the silicon skin, so it seems to be protected better. The silicon is cheaper $$, and i think their is more colors available with the silicon skin.

    hopes this helps anyone trying to decide which case to get.
    06-22-08 11:59 PM
  2. shorynot's Avatar
    I just got mine in the mail 4 days ago and I couldn't bet happier. The burgandy combined with the titanium curve is very slick looking. I take it off every night, and I've yet to see a problem. But I guess I will have to give it more time. The case is very secure on my curve. And I prefer it over the rubber skin I had before. The smooth "rubberized" finish let's it slide in and out of my pocket much easier. As far as cosmetics go, I love the way it looks. Got a blue one on the way...(I'm a nerd...I know). No cons for me yet

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    06-23-08 01:50 AM