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    After a significant amount of hair pulling, I finally decided to bite the bullet and pulled the trigger on the THB Bury Comfort Cradle and matching windshield mount.

    Nice quality - the plastic is very robust and has a solid feel to it.
    The windshield mount is very well done - the suction cup material is top notch and it has a "slider" which helps create a partial vaccuum to really affix it to the windshield. The arm locks vertically into position with a locking tab and the swivel is taken care of by a notched swivel. The unit can also be tilted side to side, but you must first unscrew the central screw to loosen the halves - only then can the mount be swiveled then locked. It's not as nice as say the Navigon windshield mount (for ease of use, not quality wise) but it certainly gets the job done. The clip that affixes the arm to the cradle is also very well done. A high-tension spring make sure that it has a tight grip upon the cradle (that combined with the 4 locking tabs makes sure that the cradle isn't coming apart from the mount unless you want it to).

    The cradle itself is also very well done. Materials, first rate, but the design and engineering are what impress me. My 8310 fits PERFECTLY with nary a wiggle and is easily inserted and then ejected with a single push of a button. While the 8310 is docked, all buttons are easily accessable. Even better are the charging contacts. They look like they are gold-plated brass or copper and are normally in their recessed holes like whack-a-moles ready to pop out. When the device is inserted and clicked into the locked position, it depresses a button which then pops both contacts out to meet the charging points on the back of the 8310. But wait, it gets even better - the charging contacts are mini spring-loaded telescopic points. If you push gently down upon them, the little "nipples" (hee-hee) retract a bit. So basically you are getting a very positive contact between cradle and device that will not get damaged when inserting or removing the smartphone.

    One minor complaint is about the data/charging cable. While it too is made with first-rate materials (rubberized heavy duty sheathing), it's probably this use of materials that make for such a thick and somewhat unwieldy cable. And the remote antenna splice-in is located but a few inches from the charging end through the use of a very bulky (and robust) connector. This cable makes installation difficult as I am looking for a "no wires" approach. In order to run the main cable down behind the A-pillar trip piece, I had to modify the trim slightly meaning if I ever uninstall this piece from my car, it will require replacement of said trim panel (of course I'm pretty picky when it comes to the appearance of my car - inside and out).

    The external antenna does boost the signal slightly and that certainly can't hurt. I wish that the antenna cable were either significantly shorter and screwed directly into the cradle, or were significantly longer so that I could take it back to the rear of the car.

    In use, it's great. The device doesn't move around when I use it - a great testament to a combination of the cradle and the mount itself. the versatility of the mouting arm means that I was able the place the cradle exactly where I wanted it. The signal is slightly strenghtened, and as a whole the setup looks good - no cheapie and generic appearances with this quality setup. Take the time to install it, and it will look almost like a factory install.


    Well, I've had this in my car for a few weeks now, combined with the Motorola T605 handsfree kit.
    I re-installed the cradle and wiring to an optimal position. I ran the wires behind the A-pillar and down the door jamb, but tucked all of the wires behind the rubber moulding. I hardwired the kit, cutting off the cigarette lighter adapter and wiring it directly into the wiring of the car - using the ignition switched wire to make sure it is only charging when the car is on. The kit is sturdy - it doesn't wiggle around very much when going over bumps (and I have a stiffer suspension in my car). I have it set at eye-level, and the visor can still be fully deployed. This kit is great as it is designed for the 8300 Curve ond only for the Curve, no generic applications here.
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    Great review. Very helpful. Would yo be so kind as to post a few pics?
    08-12-08 09:55 AM
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    is there a vent mount option for this kit or does it only include the windshield mount?
    11-19-08 05:16 PM
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    I agree with Jnjewlz, great review I would love to see pictures also =)

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