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    Hi all...New forum poster. I apologize if this post has questions have been answered elsewhere, but the search didn't turn up anything.

    Last week, I made the switch from 8300-series Curve to the Bold 9700. I love it! But I seem to be having a little bit of an issue regarding the e-mail function...

    Ever since making the switch, all e-mails to my primary account are coming to my handset only, and are not remaining on the server for download to my PC at home later. This is frustrating. I answer many e-mails on the phone, but in the event that an e-mail requires a longer response, I prefer to use the more-comfortable larger keyboard on my PC.

    I seem to recall that the Curve had a setup option that allowed me to toggle whether I wanted my e-mails to remain on the server after the push to my phone, but I can't seem to find this option in the e-mail options on the 9700. I may be wrong about this, though.

    Also, I'm looking all over for a carrying case similar to the one I had on my Curve. It was this exact product:

    Speck | SeeThru Hard Shell for BlackBerry Curve 8300

    ...And I loved it. I put my Curve directly into that case within minutes of buying it, and the phone still looks brand-spanking new a year later. Sure, the case has plenty of scuffs and scratches, but the phone doesn't, and that's what I cared about most.

    However, neither that manufacturer nor any others I can find offers a remotely similar product for the Bold. There are hard cases, but none that include a screen protector. This seems like a glaring omission. What's the point of having a durable plastic "hard candy shell" that protects everything but the SCREEN? It's the most vulnerable area!

    In the short term I picked up a Zagg "Invisible Shield," but I feel like it's only a temporary measure. I'm sure it does just fine against nicks and scratches, but it's not going to be as much help an "impact" situation. So, until I can find a form-fitting hard plastic clamshell-style case, I'm just keeping it in the leather (?) pouch that was in the box.

    So, if anyone can point me toward either a solution for the missing e-mail, or an accessory that will enclose the entire phone (with the exception of the camera lens, side buttons and keyboard), I'd be incredibly appreciative.

    Thanks in advance.
    02-22-10 02:30 AM
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    go into your email icon. menu button > options > email reconciliation > make sure reconcile is on and for conflicts, i have mailbox wins.

    ive never had an issue with emails not showing up in both locations. it needs to show up in your home mailbox in order to get pushed to your handheld. are you sure you arent deleting them by mistake in your mailbox, but not on your handheld? this would make it so when you log in on a computer, the emails will be gone. you could also turn reconciliation off entirely, therefore emails between your home inbox and your handheld will not sync at all.

    as for your hard case question, most people prefer the durability of the Otterbox series of cases. try looking into them.
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    02-22-10 02:56 AM
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    try the Seidio 360 case
    02-22-10 10:30 AM