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    I have a Blackberry Tour and started running recently to music. I don't like the way it feels clipped on running pants, too heavy, and sort of bounces. So at this point I have to hold it. What else is out there to use for running?
    03-18-11 07:45 PM
  2. pvdiamon's Avatar
    I did some more searching and found some products:
    spibelt which is a fanny belt (may bounce) and an arm belt option
    Iarmbands.com has a selection.

    I really liked the Zune sport armband that seems out of stock everywhere.
    Perhaps this will help someone else.
    03-19-11 02:50 PM
  3. slein's Avatar
    I have a Bold 9780. For most runs I keep it in the bb case clipped to the interior of a regular fanny pack with other id. Usually I plug my wired earphones in. I also have a smaller case logic neoprene case I wear in the same way as a fanny pack. When it rains I use a Bluetooth headset and wrap the 9780 in a plastic sandwich or freezer bag.
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    03-19-11 03:48 PM