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    Hey, Crackaddicts
    I was hoping, someone can answer this question for me. How are you enjoying the case?
    Is the keyboard protection getting in the way of you typing? Does it make it easier or harder to type?
    Also I've been hearing the protective screen stick with the phone's screen. Is that true?

    "Hope someone can answer this, thanks! Much appreciated!"


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    05-21-09 02:20 PM
  2. Xpimp's Avatar
    You can check this thread out and get plenty of feedback

    Personally I think it is a matter of getting use to. Some love it, others hate it, and you have those with mixed feelings about it.
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    05-21-09 02:24 PM
  3. cynic7's Avatar
    I've had mine for about a week.
    Typing is very slightly harder, but I don't find it to be a problem.
    The screen protection is excellent.
    In terms of unobtrusive protection it would be either the ZAGG invisible shield or Innocase 360 as the best, I think.
    With the ZAGG, of course, you would not have keyboard protection.
    05-21-09 07:15 PM
  4. krazychowmein's Avatar
    Great case, but as mentioned typing is not the same as on the unprotected keypad. Also the case interferes with the track ball scrolling slightly.... annoying but liveable.
    05-22-09 03:01 AM