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    So my Symbian phone just crapped out on me, and I've decided to get a 8900 after reading tons of reviews of the Bold and 8900. I do have a 2 questions for you that I have not seen mentioned on any of the reviews. Hopefully you all can help

    My current wireless plan (with ATT, if that makes a difference) does not include Internet. However, I do plan on using Email on this phone, since my entire school campus has WIFI, and I send and receive emails from professors and classmates all the time. I wanted to know if there was a setting that allowed me to receive emails ONLY when WIFI is turned on, so I don't have a $800 phone bill at the month's end. I've never used Email with other phones because the application was A) Nonexistent, or B) Horrible, so I have no idea how this would work.

    My second question is about about the little slip case that the phone comes with. I've read that it fits rather snuggly... and that it is difficult to put in, and take out. I've only read one review that mentions this though. What do you all think of it? Also, does this little slip case have the magnet in it? I only heard one person mention that it does, and I'm curious to know if it does or not.

    Thanks for the info
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    Hi, I only can help you with your 2nd question
    the little slip case does fit snugly, but after a day of use it loosens up. not till it gets too loose, but it is easy to take in and out. not a problem to me at all. it does have a magnet that puts the screen to sleep and helps to save battery.
    i've read that some ppl complain that their cases are too tight, which presses some button on the phone that drains the battery really quick. but it actually prolongs my battery. with standard usage, one full charge can last me 3.5 days!

    if it is too tight, i recommend expanding it by stuffing it with an appropriately sized object. i used my old sony ericsson phone for that.
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    Google "8900 wifi" for answers or browse this forum past page 1. This question is asked everyday here. The slip case sucks.

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