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    Hey everyone,

    I've owned 2 bluetooth headsets before, the first was a $40 Motorola basic one, and I just bought a $30 Nokia one. They're both so so, I find the biggest issue is they are so quiet especially when driving.

    I liked the look of the Blackberry one because I thought it actually pushed inside your ear canal similar to in ear headphones. I just bought it and it's really comfortable. My question though is after seeing it, it seems like it just sits in your ear since the rubber piece is pretty big. I've tried all 3 sizes and really all are fine. My only sort of issue is that if I push it closer to my ear with my finger, then it's way way louder volume. I just want to make sure I'm wearing it right, should it just sit in my ear or is it supposed to actually seal so I can't hear anything else?
    10-03-08 07:07 AM
  2. jc's Avatar
    I have the same bt headset and from what i've experienced is it starts bothering me a little when i have on for a long time. When I wear i push it all the way in my ear, other times when i am not using it i put it in the holster belt clip.
    10-03-08 09:00 AM
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    Some of those in ear devices are tough to get placed just right. I have some Bose in-ear monitors that I use often and they kinda fit good and sound good just sort of laying them in the ear, but if I twist and press in they will eventually find the right spot and make a world of difference, blocking out almost all outside noise and giving you the best audio quality. At first the fit is almost uncomfortable but that's quickly gone and the sound is superb.
    10-03-08 09:02 AM
  4. leemoreau's Avatar
    I'll try it again with the smallest one, but from the last post have you used the blackberry one? I have in ear headphones and understand how they work but the ear pieces for this headset are huge plus they aren't oval or round, they have like a piece that sticks over the bottom of them. I don't really see how you could push them all the way in your ear since theyre so big. I'll try again with the smallest to see. It's not horrible though.

    When I had my phone in my back pocket though today it kept giving static and someone said I kept cutting in and out. I read somewhere else that someone turned off encryption and it helped. I tried that seemed to be a bit better but I seem to need to hold the phone in my hand for it to be clear.
    10-03-08 11:13 AM
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    Try bt8040 is small, push into ur ear and very clear with calls . Not bad with music!

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    10-03-08 12:09 PM