1. HandsomePrince's Avatar
    Ok before the prince calls it a night; I had a quick question and would greatly appreciate help with it.

    If my phone is in the holster; and I take it out of the holster...my most recent incoming notification will open (whether it's an e-mail, sms, bbm). How do I set it so that when I un-holster the phone...the most recent notification DOESN'T automatically open?

    Thanks in advance.
    02-19-10 12:14 AM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    I would answer your question, but i'm too busy being confused/angry/amused with your whole prince thing
    02-19-10 12:22 AM
  3. skyboxer's Avatar
    Well, your highness, open your message folder then the menu key and select options. Select general options. Under "actions" set "auto open newest message after removing from holster" to "never".

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    02-19-10 02:29 AM