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    So, I spent my Friday afternoon browsing YouTube. I ran across this song and noticed the Blackberry Torch 9800 featured for almost a whole minute. The video is tagged at the minute the torch is featured. Around the 1:40 mark, you see the girl holding the purple Torch. Also, around the 2:40 mark you see a white Bold (I think). Thought it's pretty cool seeing the berry in more entertainment.

    Dont ask me how I was able to spot the phones in between them fine ladies. Rocking a white Torch, I just may have a thing for the color white... unbelievable!

    *Excuse the typo in the title. Should be custom
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    Sorry but the only phone I saw in that video was the on the guy was holding.

    J/K Its a full Housing (not a cover) with a white key board from Baby Phat.
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    That looks like a translucent purple case on a white 9800.

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