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    ShowMate from Impactica is a small, lightweight device to project PowerPoint presentations and BlackBerry screen content wirelessly from a BlackBerry.

    This award winning product has been recently improved. The redesign has added significant functionaility and features that certainly add to it's overall usefulness, and value as a tool.

    It is now possible to project all screen content from your Blackberry in real-time, rather than "only" PowerPoint presentations, this now lends this device very well to be used for the training of Blackberry applications and features.

    Impatica ShowMate displays presentations loaded onto the Blackberry with Impatica for PowerPoint Mobile Edition, a desktop-based software tool for converting PowerPoint presentations for viewing and projecting from handheld devices.

    Users simply connect the ShowMate to a projector or monitor and wirelessly to their Blackberry, (or mobile phone/other PDA), and are then ready to present.

    To get the show started, users open a presentation that they have already saved to the Blackberry or phone (either on the phone memory, Memory Stick or Card). The PowerPoint slides are displayed on the projector screen. Text, graphics, charts, graphs and even advanced animations and transition effects are shown in full fidelity. The phone becomes an easy-to-use remote, allowing the user to navigate through the presentation while viewing a slide list, text or notes. The accompanying software makes your PowerPoint mobile-ready on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP.

    Impactica ShowMate - here for further details on the firm's official site
    Impatica ShowMate

    The device is available from Blackberry's own official store, and well known sites stocking Blackberry accessories. Cost approx. $200-240
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    I'm hoping this wasn't pure spam (as you have other posts).

    Did you end up trying this device out? Any follow-up review or information you can provide.
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