1. jkuyp's Avatar
    Sometimes when I try to charge my Playbook with the charger (the premium charger that came with it), it will not charge. I have to do a reset on the Playbook and then it will charge fine.

    The charge will NOT charge my 9930. It used to - once I had the problem that I had to reset the playbook for it to charge, it stopped working on my 9930. I get an error message when connected that says "The charging source connect to your Blackberry device cannot charge your battery". ???

    Do I have a bad charger?!
    09-27-11 08:40 AM
  2. PJD642's Avatar
    Does the standard charger from your phone work with the PB always, or does it duplicate the need to reboot first? Does the standard charger work on your phone? If the standard charger works without jumping through any hoops, I'd guess the rapid charger has issues.
    09-28-11 07:22 AM