04-19-10 05:24 PM
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  1. Kysmet's Avatar
    There's two types of mats on offer - one for home or office, and a folding portable version for travel - both are priced at $99.

    Some devices use a "receiver case" that the device slides into, and then the whole mess is placed on the mat. The receiver cases are available for Nintendo DS ($30) and Apple iPhone 3G and iPod Touch ($40). There's also a receiver dock for standard iPod Classic and iPod nanos as well ($40).

    Rather than a case, Blackberry products (Bold, Pearl, Curve 8300 and 8900) get a battery door replacement which is priced at $30. It appears that the battery door replacement changes the shape of the back of the BB, so I'm not sure how much I like that...

    Finally, they offer a "Powercube Universal Receiver" which connects to devices via interchangeable tips. It costs $30.

    Powermat.com | BlackBerry Battery Doors - Receivers
    Yeah I checked the powermat out at Best Buy and it seemed like a rip off to me. On one hand, it sounds like a great idea. But I can't justify me paying $150 bucks on the mat and battery door that I probably wouldnt keep on. I might as well keep using my charging pod. Then I'd probably end up buying "receiver cases" for all of my other products. That's just too much money.
    03-18-10 09:44 PM
  2. dragonfly_girl's Avatar
    So, I'm on the fence. I think the idea of the powermat is cool, but I'm not sure how I'd use it / what kind of difference it would make. I have a Blackberry & iPod (don't ask).

    And, I've been trying to make a list of all the pros & cons (to justify the purchase!).

    Any insights, recommendations, etc., from someone who has purchased?
    04-19-10 05:11 PM
  3. Altimate_One's Avatar
    I am waiting till there is a powermat battery that I install in my phone and then I can just toss it on the mat. Am I dreaming? Well yes, I am dreaming of the day that I can use the WiFi signal to trickle charge my phone all the time.
    04-19-10 05:23 PM
  4. kkwus74's Avatar
    i just got case-mate's fuel case.....solved my problem....a whole lot cheaper too
    04-19-10 05:24 PM
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