1. BEDickey's Avatar
    Hello all, I'm a power crackberry user, was wondering what the ideal battery would be to be able to run the heck out of it for about a day, almost none stop. I do alot with it! thanks.
    03-21-11 04:56 PM
  2. blckbryCrveCA's Avatar
    A few suggestions that I can make from what I have read and have observed would be to turn off any settings that you may not need such as GPS, Wifi and bluetooth. Also, any apps that are running in the background that are not in use will also drain the battery. If all of these have not helped you out, I can also suggest looking through the store section of this forum and locating an extended battery for your phone. From what I have read through use they can go anywhere from 3-5 days between charges. Hope all of this info has been helpful.
    03-21-11 05:16 PM