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    Hi i am new to this forum but I have been reading on here for the last two months. I am trying to figure out what case I am going to buy and after I have spent hours reading and searching this forum it has come down the the Otterbox, Seidio hybrid with belt clip, Fortte top entry, or the burnt sienna red OEM case.
    Anyway for the life of me I can not find a simple pic of the Otterbox on a belt or a pic of an Otterboxed curve next to a naked curve so if there is anyone out there who has a pic of what the Otterbox looks like in a real life comparison it would be appreciated.

    01-28-08 07:00 PM
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    01-28-08 07:09 PM
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    yeah thanks those are great pics but I am looking for something more to compare it with
    01-28-08 08:07 PM
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    I just got the Otterbox case for the Curve and can tell you this:

    It is a 2-part plastic frame case you put the Curve into and then snap togther. It comes with a clear acrylic 2-sided flap affair that you can apply tot he Curve before putting into the frame, but it doesn't have a cut-out for the camera/flash on the back and both these would have to shoot through the plastic. So IU chose not to use it. After snapping it into the plastic frame, the case is then slipped into an outer silicone sleeve. Then, the whole affair can be placed into the belt clip which is pretty bulky. The unit just sits in the cradle of the belt clip and appears to be held in place by friction. The whole thing does puts forth an image of protection, but it does make the Curve heavier to hold and wear than merely clipping it into a belt clip without any outer protection. I bought a sticky screen protector for it since the screen would be otherwise exposed (since I didn't use the Otterbox-supplied clear acrylic cover).
    01-29-08 01:04 PM