1. remoc8116's Avatar
    $20 on the Bay, No plastic liner for the inside but everything else there.....can i order the liner seperate or do i really need it???
    04-23-09 10:04 PM
  2. katdoc's Avatar
    I think you can order the liner seperately but check the otterbox site to be sure. As for needing the liner, it depends on what you need the box for. My husband is in construction and the liner protects from dust and water splashing on the keys & screen. If that isn't an issue for you the hard case will provide protection from impacts.

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    04-23-09 10:41 PM
  3. Nathan79's Avatar
    I bought an otterbox for my pearl when i had it.. The screen/keyboard cover ripped, and i emailed them to see if i could order a new one.. They sent me one for free
    04-25-09 10:39 PM
  4. kriss76's Avatar
    The liner is my favorite part. It really keeps your phone protected. It is a matter of personal preference though. I called Otterbox to ask if I could order an extra one, and they sent me one at no charge! Otterbox has excellent customer service!
    04-26-09 12:25 AM