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    I manage medium size fleet of Blackberries. After hearing complaints about battery life on brand new handset and batteries, I decided to look closer at batteries I sourced from different places.

    #1 Genuine
    Lot N8354
    This is genuine battery came with a Rogers phone.

    #2 Genuine New design
    Lot N9337
    This is genuine battery and sourced from Telus web store. If you are going out and looking for a new battery, this is what it should look like.

    #3 Fake - eBay (abe-***)
    This is listed at $15 with free shipping on eBay shipped from New York. Title says "Brand New OEM BlackBerry MS-1 MS1 Lithium Ion Battery"

    I ordered about 10 of those and upon arrival, I noticed serial number on all batteries are the same. I started issuing them to users and noticed premature failure on two batteries, and one wouldn't charge at all.

    Number on batteries are N08365-08942E

    #4 Fake - tr******ier.com
    I had high hopes on them as this website is a popular place to source spare parts for blackberry users. I specifically paid $2 extra for each battery to get "OEM" version over their regular listing. Going through shipped items, I noticed serial numbers are all the same again. It is also missing the temper proof sticker/water damage sticker on all batteries. This is even inferior to previous counterfeit.

    -Missing temper-proof/water damage sticker
    -Made in China: irregular font sizes
    -Item # missing dash (BAT 14392-001)
    -Main text quality is poor
    -On flip side, lock has a comma, not a proper keyhole
    -Serial # is same for all of them: N08264-07983E

    Looking at photo below you should be able to spot the difference between genuine and the fake. I hope this information helps everyone out there. Looking at failure rate I've seen, spending little extra on proper battery seems to be the way to go.

    Update: image stopped working so I took another photo showing counterfeit ones
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    02-14-10 01:01 PM
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    wow nice post/find... I heard about a similar issue about the DX-1s I guess if the price is too good to be true it usually is
    02-14-10 02:08 PM
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    Thanks for the detailed post...will have to make sure to be paying attention going forward.
    02-14-10 04:45 PM
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    Well done....unfortunately, people are so often fooled by this stuff and think they can get something for nothing (or, next to nothing).

    The old adage of "if it's too good to be true....it probably isn't" applies for not only BB batteries but printer ink cartridges and rechargeable batteries for other devices as well.
    02-14-10 04:52 PM
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    Thanks for the tip. There's ****loads of these fakes being sold as originals on eBay, and when I enquired they actually reply to say its a 'compatible item'. You should clearly reveal your source of these fakes as a precaution to other users rather than marking them with *.

    Would you use the same method to identify fakea for D-X1 batteries?

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    02-14-10 06:02 PM
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    truesuplie*.com sux!!
    Ordered number of different items from them...all fake!
    02-14-10 10:01 PM
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    truesuplie*.com sux!!
    Ordered number of different items from them...all fake!
    same with cnn, but I'm not gonna get into it cause too many really believe they really are OEM. In reality, they are made by a company named "OEM". That's why they don't fit "exactly right".
    02-15-10 12:38 PM
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    Good post, thanks for the heads up...
    02-15-10 12:49 PM
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    Thanks for the tips. I bought a new battery today and well, the battery life sucked like an original D-X1 battery for my Storm2. Seems that outside the US, original batteries are shipped in a larger box and they don't come loose wrapped in a plastic bag.
    They guy at a shop tried to sell me a battery cheaper by saying he "..... took it out from a boxed phone set to sell me the battery and will replace the battery later for the phone......". I can't imagine if he's gonna do that or the look on the face of the bloke buying a device from him.
    02-15-10 08:14 PM
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    Bump I only see 2 pics. Are there suppose to be more?
    02-22-10 04:10 PM
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    That's why you should just spend the money instead of trying to save and losing it.
    04-19-10 10:49 AM
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    Crap, I just got a replacement battery that was supposed to be OEM, and it has the N08264-07983E serial #. However, the quality is much better than your example; perhaps they used your post as a guide for what to fix?
    09-11-10 07:22 PM
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    09-20-10 10:51 PM
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    Crap, I just got a replacement battery that was supposed to be OEM, and it has the N08264-07983E serial #. However, the quality is much better than your example; perhaps they used your post as a guide for what to fix?
    I have the same serial. Not good!
    09-20-10 10:56 PM
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    Definitely appreciate the head's-up on this. I've gotten a counterfeit for my Curve before, it was pretty easy to spot, as the OEM battery had a textured wrapper, and the fake was just smooth. The performance of a counterfeit is so bad as to be pretty useless.

    I recently ordered a spare via Amazon.com, with the supplier as CellLounge. A D-X1 for my Tour, and it charges and performs exactly as it is supposed to. $5.84 shipped, and I'll probably order another here soon, for my wife's Tour. Positive experience through them.

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    09-20-10 11:44 PM
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    Really nice info here. Thanks for the heads-up. Anyway, the new MS-1 battery back writing is different than pictured above. One of the differences the trash bin is now on top. What's your take on that?
    09-26-10 11:15 PM
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    Looks like I've been stung by these bad batteries too. My original blackberry bold 9000 battery was lasting shorter and shorter, often less than 12 hrs on a charge. So far I've received two replacements that don't fit well - they both need to be wedged down to make contact with the leads and charge up - and have performed terribly - often shutting down without warning, displaying a white or dark blank screen. Battery life has not improved. Both replacement batteries have been lot code N08264 07983E and were obtained through my company's internal CIT group.

    So who really cares about this? If I call RIM, do they have an obligation or any incentive to do something about it? All I really want is decent battery life out of this dang phone, whatever that means. I can keep requesting new batteries from my CIT group and hope eventually to get a genuine part or at least one with better performance, but that doesn't seem like the right way to fix the problem.

    Has anybody had success dealing with these apparent fakes?
    12-08-10 12:34 AM
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    what is the best supplier for these batteries?
    10-21-12 01:34 PM
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    Although this may not apply to my device's model, I do appreciate the heads up on this! Nice find! This definitely makes me wary of where I'll be buying my next Curve 8520 Battery from. Might have to get it from Amazon since I've had no problems with them so far!
    10-22-12 02:39 PM