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    I ordered two very inexpensive non OEM phone pouches from cellularfactory. They are very stylish. I have a skin on it and a BSE screen protector so I was just looking for a case to keep it in my purse and perhaps for a quick run to the store. The red one has two pockets that hold cash or credit/id cards. Total is was about 12 dollars and i got free shipping. They are great. I would post the pics but I can't.

    BLACKBERRY Curve Case,FREE Shipping,BLACKBERRY 8330 Cases,FREE Shipping,BLACKBERRY Curve Cases,BLACKBERRY 8330 Cell Phone Case - Cellular Factory here is link
    i got the red one with hearts (it is more of a hot pink) and the black one next to it.

    The only thing I would want is it to have the sleeper magnet, but for now I just push the button on top.
    08-30-08 10:31 PM