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    My Pearl 8120 is having issues! It has some of the little gold prongs in the mini USB port missing. So I got a cradle charger. I set it in there and it will not charge. My husband has the same phone and we know that both batteries work in both phones. His phone WILL charge in the cradle with both batteries. While awaiting the cradle's arrival we have been charging a batterry in his phone at night and then he charges the other at work. This sure involves a lot of battery changing!!!

    Has anyone had any experience with this problem?

    01-14-10 10:13 PM
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    Another thing.........

    I can plug my poor 2-prong miniUSB into a wall or USB charger and it "registers" as "charging" but it never really does.

    01-14-10 10:16 PM
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    Katentoy: So if I understand your situation correctly, YOUR pearl does not charge any of the batteries, and it does not matter which method you use to charge your phone. It does not charge with the cradle, with USB, or with the wall charger plugged into the side?

    However, have you tried all the same methods using your husband's pearl? Try all the same variations on your husbands pearl. I suspect either you have a bad USB cable/charger (which will show up if it doesn't charge your husbands pearl either) or that your phone is damaged and needs repair (which will be the case if all your charging solutions at home are able to charge your husbands pearl but not yours)
    03-14-10 09:42 AM
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    03-19-10 06:23 PM