1. jasonnet's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    I'd like to get your advice/experience on an idea I'd like to try. I have TeleNav on my BlackBerry Pearl and it is just great. Unfortunately there are times where I'd like to see what is displayed on the screen of my Pearl while navigating. I just want to glance at it. Because the screen is small, it needs to be fairly close to my face and definitely not down at knee level. A heads-up display would be great, but as far as I know, that's not an option for my (really awesome) 2008 Elantra right now. Additionally, I don't want to visually clutter up the interior of my car with vent mounts unless that's the only option. Finally, if the GPS is in the phone, which it will be if I upgrade to the 8130, the phone will need a fairly good view of the sky.

    My current thinking is to discreetly mount a holster/case on one side of the visor . When I want to navigate, I can flip the visor down exposing the holder, slip in the Pearl, and begin driving. If I need to see the screen, I can just glance up. Because the phone is near my face, I probably won't have to turn down the volume on the stereo to hear it.

    Does this sound workable?

    I'm not familiar with cases and I don't really want to order a bunch and do test them and return the one's that don't work. I'd like to benefit from your experience. What case/holster would you suggest?

    12-14-07 01:01 PM
  2. berrywhite's Avatar
    Yup! If you get a Seidio Plastic Holster you will be able to holster your BB with the screen facin in or out. However make sure the Holster does not have a "sleeper magnet" or if it does remove it as this will put ur phone in sleep mode and ur screen will go black!
    12-14-07 03:38 PM
  3. jasonnet's Avatar
    Thanks. I picked up the seidio "442 - spring clip swivel holster". It's a darn nice holster. I am pretty religious about preferring to keep my phone in a pocket rather than on my belt, but this one would actually tempt me to use a holster.

    Anyway, I'll see about mounting it in the car later and report back. I will say though if you use it as most of us do, it hibernates the Pearl as soon as you put it in the holster, which makes it impossible to do what I wanted. Solving that problem was easy enough though. I couldn't see anything in the base of the holster that was triggering this, but I was able to determine that if I mount the phone upside down in the holster, the phone doesn't realize it's in the holster and continues to function.

    One possible disadvantage though is that if it's upside down, the holster covers the microphone and the voice is slightly muffled. I was not planning to speak to my phone with it on the visor, but I thought others might want to try that so I'm mentioning it here.
    12-28-07 03:27 PM