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    Hi everyone - I'm new to the forum, but I did search first but after 3 pages of review didn't find my exact question answered.

    I have a new TMobile Blackberry Pearl 8120. It comes with the OEM sleeve which I know puts it in standby mode (or is it sleep mode, and if so, is there a difference?).

    However, while the sleeve in my pocket works in my slacks, it's tight in my jeans. I went out and bought a Cube (off brand from a mall cart) cell phone holster that's allegedly made to fit pearls and clips on to my belt. It does seem to be a good fit, but there is no groove for the trackball like on the OEM sleeve. So, on to my questions...

    Will it hurt the trackball not to have the groove in the new holster?

    Will the magnetic closure clip on the holster do anything funky to the phone (on all my old phones, which were flip phones, I just dumped the phone directly in my pocket)?

    If using the OEM slip, does that shorten the life of the phone/battery if kept in the pocket (I know heat is the enemy of many battery/electronic products)?

    Thanks a bunch....great site BTW. I've learned lots already (downloaded apps, a few games, updated the OS, etc.) thanks to this site.

    01-30-10 11:24 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    The difference between stand-by and sleep mode is slight. When in stand-by, if you strike a key, the screen will light. In sleep it will not, and also with the magnet it enables the "In Holster" profiles. You can make your case function like an official Blackberry case, by gluing a magnet in the right position within. Just be sure to cover it with cloth, so it doesn't scratch the phone.

    The magnetic closer isn't strong enough to activate sleep mode, nor could it harm the phone.

    The OEM slip will lengthen the time between charges, it has the magnet, though a hot pocket isn't really the best environment.
    01-31-10 06:24 AM
  3. dancing-bass's Avatar
    And if there is no groove for the trackball, it WILL wear out sooner then normal. As well whenever it is in the holster it will be pressed in - this COULD cause you to open web browser or call people or do all sorts of unintended things. Best case? buy a blackberry-branded holster. OR modify the one you bought, and make sure you press the standby/mute button on the top of your phone before holstering it.
    01-31-10 08:36 AM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    I use the OEM slip case with the panel raised for the trackball. The case does make contact with the upper left screen where it has created some wear on the cover lens and on the rear where I am getting some wear marks on both the battery cover and the antenna cover.

    Nothing to be concerned about, it's normal wear and tear after a years service.

    I have never had a concern over heat build up, it seems perfectly happy at jean pocket tempetures.

    However, I have learned to place it in my pocket, LED toward me. If not, the blinking Red LED shows through the fabric... You've got mail!
    01-31-10 10:24 AM
  5. fluterd's Avatar
    Thanks all...I'm going to run over to the local T-Mobile store where they allegedly have the Blackberry Clip. I'll save P&H over buying here...provided they really have the correct holster.

    01-31-10 04:07 PM