1. V.O.S's Avatar
    Just recieved my Otterbox case today from UPS, threw that bad boy together and I must say, I am VERY impressed with this case.. This pretty much defines pure protection from every nook and cranny of your phone, the front piece has a very nice shield as well for the screen, it doesnt even look like you have one on, thats how clear it is..

    It comes in 3 layers.. First 2 layers are thick plastic covers for both sides that click in place, then the silicon/rubber sleeve "hooks" onto the case.. Every side button is completley coverd with newer and bigger bumps, and yes the lock and mute keys have button bumps as well, and it feels perfect..

    Comes with a neat little holster also.. The Invisible Shield is nice for a quick cheap fix, but the Otterbox is unbelievable and WILL protect your phone from just about any fall damage, if you got the 50 bux to dish, then go for it..

    As for Vaja cases..Ya there nice but far from full protection and leather will tear and scratch, only get a Vaja for style points NOT PROTECTION.. Complete waste of 75-110 dollars...

    Ask any questions if you guys have any !
    02-09-09 06:31 PM