1. UKuser's Avatar
    Has anyone ordered anything from Rugged Peak in the UK?
    I ordered my Otterbox on 28th April and still nothing has arrived.
    Countless calls to their office has achieved nothing. The woman who answers the phone says she passes all messages to the guy responsible but I've never received a return call. She's very apologetic but that gets me nowhere.
    Customer service appears to be non existant and I've asked to cancel my order but was told she couldn't give me a cancellation number and it can only be issued by the person who refuses to call me back. My credit card has already been debited.
    Anyone else had any problems with them?
    05-10-08 02:47 AM
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    Well I just received an email advising my cc has been credited. No explanation no nothing. What outstanding customer service they DON'T have. All I have to do now is verify they really have credited it.
    If they were out of stock why not say so. Poorly run organisation.
    05-12-08 09:24 AM