1. chipalmtree37's Avatar
    Hi all I was looking to getting an Otterbox for the Curve 9350 and was in between the Commuter and Defender cases.

    My concern is the slimness and how much protection.

    I like the Commuter because its supposedly the slimmer model with moderate protection, I would really like to know how much thicker or bigger the Defender case is, if it is not significant then the Defender seems like a better buy.

    Please Advise. Thank You
    07-17-12 11:48 AM
  2. that_maynard's Avatar
    defender is always going to bigger, but since the 9350 is so slim, it may over power the actual phone. Dicota silicone case has good protection and still slim.
    08-29-12 10:26 AM
  3. kobeblue's Avatar
    I just bought Defender for my Bold 9900. It gives a different look and feel to the slim 9900. I also use other case that echo the slimness. Defender really protect 100%. For Ottobox, I will go Defender. If I look for slim case, I get other case like Casemate.

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    08-31-12 09:07 AM