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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm currently looking for a case for my new Blackberry Curve. I've got it narrowed down to two, and they are both made by Otterbox. One is the Otterbox Defender that I hear so much about, and the other is the Otterbox silicone skin-type case.

    Now, I've been searching, but can't find much info on the silicone skin-type Otterbox case.How do these compare? Which should I get? I'm looking for protection, but also for something that is slim and easy to remove from my pocket. Do the Otterboxes tend to stick in your pocket?

    Any info is appreciated!

    Oh, just thought I'd add, this is the first post I have made from my Blackberry

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    07-19-09 01:04 PM
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    The defender series by otterbox is for heavy duty protection..More for fireman, police officers, or anyone looking for the most possible protection for their device...There are videos on youtube that you can check-out..The case adds a bit of bulk to your phone so be prepared for that..

    The other case offered by otterbox is for lightier protection..Its more of a silcone skin type case...It will protect your phone but not like the defender series..Also it has a slimmier profile so it wont add as much bulk as the defender series..

    It pretty much comes down to what type of protection your looking for..If you need something to really protect your device or work in construction..etc...then the defender case by otterbox is for you...

    If your a regular business worker, or a student, etc..and are just looking for a case to protect your device from scratches and basic protection, while not adding a lot of bulk, then go with the other case....

    Comes down to preference
    07-20-09 01:15 PM
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    Thanks for the reply!!

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    07-20-09 01:59 PM
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    I am in the construction field and love/need my defender. Check oiut the youtube videos on them both. That will help you decision a lot.

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    07-21-09 10:28 PM