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    I just picked up an OtterBox for my 9800 Torch. I love it, but there is one major issue I am having with it...
    There is hardly any clearance at all for other, wider diameter headphone jacks. I like to use my phone for music with a standard computer phone jack, as well as in my Outlander with an RCA-phone jack.
    Both my computer and car phone jacks require about 9.9mm in diameter and are WAY too large to fit thru the OtterBox port. Drilling extra room isn't even an option without removing a good chunk of OtterBox, I would need to cut the edge right off.

    What I am looking for is:

    -A standard computer phone-phone jack connector small enough to fit my OtterBox's phone jack port

    -An RCA (red and white) to phone connector small enough to fit my OtterBox's phone jack port

    -A minimal diameter extension piece to to adapt the larger diameter housing on my current phone jacks

    I would be happy to hear any recommendations or online sources for my requirement, thanks!

    Last edited by edwardsn2; 10-25-10 at 06:15 PM. Reason: Just to clarify: The phone jack itself is the standard 3.5mm one, it's the large housing I'm having trouble with.
    10-25-10 06:13 PM
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    try scosche their conectors ar thin. and you can get them at walmart
    02-07-11 01:12 PM
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    02-08-11 08:51 AM