1. CFD323's Avatar
    Just got my Otterbox today and really like it, except for the rubbery membrane that covers the screen. The bubbles are annoying. I'm putting a BSE skin on my screen so I'll already have screen protection, but I want to keep the keys protected with the otterbox "skin". Has anyone cut out the screen part out and left the rest of the otterbox skin intact? That way I get the best screen protection(BSE) and the keys are protected by the otterbox skin.
    05-29-08 05:20 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I applied a bit of soapy water between the screen and the membrane and much less bubbles. I used very dilute soapy water - like one drop of baby shampoo to a soup dish of water.

    And I merely dipped my finger in the bowl, shook it off and then moistened the screen then applied the membrane.

    I guess you can do what you want but by removing that portion of the membrane you probably reduce its water resistance but obviously with the BSE skin you have scratch protection.
    05-29-08 10:36 PM
  3. CFD323's Avatar
    I'm not that concerned about water as I am scratches/shocks. Plus I'm only using the otterbox for work; when I get home I'm taking it out of the otterbox and using an OEM holster.
    05-29-08 11:06 PM
  4. antiandy's Avatar
    I did EXACTLY what you're describing...except for the opposite reason...
    I could not STAND the noise the plastic made when I was typing, and as I am not concerned with water damage, only drops and shocks and in-pocket scratching, I decided it was best for me to just cut the bottom half of the plastic off of the "1st layer of Otterbox protection".
    It worked fine, except for the fact that there was a "line flaw" in the sheet of plastic and even AFTER using the soapy water trick, I still had bubbles, which were visually annoying, so I decided to take yet another step and just cut the entire front of the plastic off, and threw a Fellowes screen protector on under the Otterbox,(which have NO bubbles at all), and now I'm satisfied.
    05-30-08 04:42 AM