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    I just picked one of these up, as I am in the Navy, sail on board submarines, and still use my BB (without wireless of course) I use it to read ebooks, word and excell files etc. But the naval operation environment is anything but safe for delicate electronics and so I figured this would be good for when I go to sea.

    If you really want to protect your Tour... pick one of these up! It covers everything, keyboard, screen, and two layers over the the rest. It has ports that you can open on the sides for the headset, etc, that cover up when you are not using them, and you can still access the buttons on the side easily. The screen cover does not distort the screen at all.

    Anyone else using one of these?

    09-06-09 07:55 PM
  2. Jvazquez930's Avatar
    I myself am in law enforcement and its been great having this type of heavy duty case on my Tour. Whats your rating btw?
    I was an OS2
    09-06-09 08:44 PM
  3. Synergie's Avatar
    I myself am in law enforcement and its been great having this type of heavy duty case on my Tour. Whats your rating btw?
    I was an OS2
    Canadian,... Leading Seaman (Sonar Operator)
    09-06-09 10:33 PM
  4. Scarpia's Avatar
    I work in a construction environment, and with the otterbox case on I am not concerned about damaging the phone at all... HOWEVER... I was reciently in a car accident, and as I was crawling out of the back door, the belt clip caught on the seatbelt (or something) and it did tweak the "teeth-like jaw" on the end of the belt clip, bending it out about 45 degrees. I was able to push (rotate) it back into place and it is still working fine!
    09-06-09 11:01 PM
  5. CARTEEUSMC's Avatar
    I am a big fan of Otterbox. There is nothing better
    09-06-09 11:29 PM
  6. secretasianman's Avatar
    I love my defender as well. I got one of the ones that have the problem with the micro usb opening being too small. Other than that, it's great.
    09-07-09 01:31 AM
  7. wrwrx's Avatar
    How easy is this case to get on and off. I would consider it if it wasnt a royal pain to assemble. I would rather not have it on while off duty.
    09-07-09 02:13 AM
  8. danoh's Avatar
    How easy is this case to get on and off. I would consider it if it wasnt a royal pain to assemble. I would rather not have it on while off duty.
    It's not difficult at all to remove the case or put it on, though it's designed to be put on and left on. The more you remove the case and put it on the greater the chances of the plastic interlocking tabs getting bent and not being able to lock.

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    09-07-09 02:19 AM
  9. wrwrx's Avatar
    That would probably be a problem for me, since I don't want the case on all the time. It would only benefit me while working. And bending plastic tabs is my stigma ... If there is a tab that can be broken, I will probably break it. These things can be pretty expensive to replace.
    09-07-09 03:18 AM
  10. Synergie's Avatar
    I don't keep it on all the time... it is VERY easy to assemble and take off. You just pull off the outer rubber part, and then a quick easy snap pulls it apart. The inside keyboard cover just wraps around the device and kind of sticks to it (not unlike those window decals you can buy)

    I can put it on or take it off in about 30 seconds.
    09-07-09 03:22 AM
  11. saejosh's Avatar
    I have this case as well and love it
    09-07-09 09:14 AM
  12. freebirds87's Avatar
    I'm an electrical worker and I couldn't even begin to think about having a phone out on the job site without one of these bad boys on it. It's very forgiving and fears nothing!
    09-07-09 10:54 AM
  13. wrwrx's Avatar
    Big question for me is, how would it hold up to opening and closing it everyday? Danoh let me know of the plastic tabs. And as I stated earlier, plastic tabs and I don't not make nice w/ each other. Also, the rubber skin over the keyboard. how restrictive is the typing? I have to imagine that it gives a different feel to typing.

    The case is an attractive option. I seriously considered it back when I had the Curve. It is a pain in the rear to carry such a large phone, and having to snap on and off everyday, which is what had deterred me in the first place.
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    09-07-09 12:37 PM
  14. FF22's Avatar
    You might find that you don't mind leaving it in the Otterbox. I have the 8830 in an Otterbox (hike, bike and cross-country ski) and wear a suit for work and just leave it wrapped in its protective cover all the time. It has save the BB more than once on the garage floor. I think the Tour one has an even smaller profile.
    09-07-09 02:08 PM
  15. Synergie's Avatar
    F2 is correct... Being a girl, clunky and bulky wouldn't be good, but this really isn't either of those. I could easily leave it in the Otterbox all the time (except for the fact that I use my BB as my alarm clock at night, and set it in the charging dock) The size reminds me more of the older PDAs before they all went to cell phones and got smaller. It's actually easier to grip with it on.

    If you want slightly thinner or slightly less bulky than the one I posted above, you could try the Otterbox Impact series. (This was the defender series case)
    09-07-09 04:26 PM
  16. Bond J's Avatar
    Quick questions - Can you use the blackberry in the charging dock with otterbox on?
    09-07-09 05:07 PM
  17. saejosh's Avatar
    Quick questions - Can you use the blackberry in the charging dock with otterbox on?
    No the case covers the tabs and is way to big for that. it is very easy to simply plug in though
    09-07-09 05:22 PM
  18. Bond J's Avatar
    The other thread claims that using the usb connector too much can cause it to become useless over time.
    09-07-09 05:31 PM
  19. bakarus's Avatar
    I am wondering about this case too, I am usually very active and I am very accident prone (I have broken every single cell phone I owned except the palm treo 755p, since high school). I would like to keep this in my pocket, and usually keep my phone and my wallet in the same pocket, is it ridiculously bulky that I can't put it in normal jean pockets? I know it comes with a holster but I find that to be a nuisance sometimes, so the holster is wouldn't like to use. If this could fit rather easily in my pockets, I will jump on this right away.
    09-08-09 12:09 AM
  20. Scbastv7's Avatar
    If you don't plan on using the holster then I'd almost suggest passing on this case. You could potentially use the phone's cover without the holster and be ok but in my honest opinion the holster is where this case shines. With all the protection, it adds a significant amount of extra space around the phone. This would probably equate to a second wallet, size wise, and is prone to holding onto "pocket fuzz". In the end it's up to you tho, otterbox has unbelievable customer service so even if you don't go with the defender series I'd check out the impact line instead. I like knowing that if anything were to happen to my case the company stands behind their product and will do just about anything to make it right.
    09-08-09 01:22 AM
  21. Synergie's Avatar
    I only use the holster in my bunk, as a kind of 'dock' for the phone so I can use it as a clock in my bunk (on board the sub) But around the base, I just throw it in my inside jacket pocket of my naval combat uniform. It might be a bit thick to put into the same pocket as a wallet.... but should fit alone. The rubber outer covering may pick up lint and dist though.... so keep your pockets clean lol. Impact series might be better for general pocket use though.

    I went with this series case because of the environment I work in. Around town and off work, I just use a silicone slip cover.
    09-08-09 05:16 AM