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    I recently purchased the Otterbox Defender for my BB Bold. I have noticed that I can't use the speaker phone with the rubber case (3rd layer of protection) on the phone. I get a high pitched squeal when I attempt this.

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    12-29-08 07:59 PM
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    Yeah, I recently had to return my otterbox for my curve 8350 due to this feedback issue. When speaking with people, they would get an echo due to the audio reverberating through the case, back down to the mic. Too bad too. I really loved that case. On a side note, the otterbox I had for my 8830 worked fine. I don't get it. I really don't think there is anything they could do to fix this issue.
    12-30-08 06:43 PM
  3. Yankez's Avatar
    I have the otterbox on my pearl and have had no problems with the speakerphone ( knock on wood ) .
    12-30-08 07:55 PM
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    I am not sure we are talking about the same thing. When ever I talk to someone, if I put them on speaker phone, my blackberry starts making a high pitched screech! Like feedback. I am just wondering if it is a problem with my phone, or the cover. It does not happen if the phone is not in the Otterbox.

    I have emailed them and I am waiting on a response. Have a great New Year!
    12-30-08 07:59 PM
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    It is exactly what I'm talking about. The case is causing the audio coming from the speaker to reverberate down to the mic (through the plastic otterbox), which causes the feedback you're hearing.
    12-30-08 08:49 PM
  6. djohnson1810's Avatar
    Yep, you are right. Here is the email I received:

    Don,*Sometimes this can happen, and it's caused by the sound reverberating in the case. Try turning down the volume when using speaker phone, as well as possibly pulling out the silicone flaps that cover the access ports (charging, etc). This should reduce the amount of sound echoing and allow it a place to vent, which should solve the problem.*If that doesn't work, unfortunately that is the only option that we know of right now that may work.*

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    12-31-08 08:15 PM
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    I got this email from Otterbox CS concerning the feedback squeal on speaker phone.

    "We are in the process of trying to figure out why some of the cases do that with the Bold. We are thinking that since it is only some of them with problems, that it could have something to do with the carrier that the customer is using. Please email me if you have any other questions or concerns."

    Anyone thinking of buying this case needs to be aware that you may not be able to use the speaker phone function.
    01-14-09 09:46 PM