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    Picked one of these up a couple weeks ago for my 8900 and I really like it. However, the rubber nubbies on the inside of the rubber cover for the buttons seem to be too long... and it seems to be a problem with the 5.0 OS software because it is lightly pushing on the button. I was thinking I would just trim the rubber piece on the inside but also mentioned it to Otterbox support that turned around and sent me a replacement in case my current one was out of spec. Kind of confused because the new one has some differences between the old one... which has me wondering which is the newer one.

    Case 1 (original) - The plastic case has two tabs on the bottom to secure the rubber cover, one tab close to either side. It also came with felt rings to place around the mic before putting on the plastic case.

    Case 2 (replacement) - The plastic case has one tab on the bottom on the bottom to secure the rubber cover, it's in the middle. It did not come with felt rings to pur around the mic before putting on the plastic case.

    It seems like Case 1 would be the latest revision if they used the felt rings to reduce echo in the plastic case. Otterbox support didn't know which was supposed to be the latest version. Not a big deal which one is, just curious and what may have been fixed with the different versions.
    02-22-10 02:27 PM
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    As a FYI, looked at the two cases more closely last night and it appears that the one tab on the bottom of the case might be the improved version. That version has a dedicated mic hole with a felt ring on the inside of the plastic case around the mic hole to prevent echo. The mic hole on the two tab is formed by putting the case together as the mic hole is part of the left tab... and, you have to install the felt ring to the phone and not the case.

    Both cases still cause me problems with the 5.0 OS. Both cases lightly push on the bottom right button on the 8900 causing it to have problems waking out of it's sleep. Lightly sanding the rubber nubbie on the rubber cover for this button solves the problem but I shouldn't have to do that. Either their specs on these cases is not right or the new OS checks for a light press and thinks an action is being performed causing it to take longer to sleep and not respond to come out of it... I'm not sure.
    02-23-10 07:02 AM
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    i have recently upgraded to the 5.0 on my 8900 and have a Otterbox Defender in route, which "bottom right button" are you referring to?....The enter key?
    Just wondering if i should go ahead and make a modification whe I receive the case or wait and see if it causes problems....?!

    02-23-10 12:09 PM
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    Sorry, I was referring to the bottom button on the right side of the case. The one that supports camera focusing in 5.0 for by half pressing it and taking the picture by fully pressing it.

    If you have never inspected an otterbox up close, it has a thick, plastic case around the phone with holes in the plastic for where the buttons are located on the side of the phone. There is a rubber cover that fits over the plastic case. Since you now have a gap between the rubber cover and the buttons on the side of the phone, due to the thickness of the plastic case, the rubber cover has raised spots for those areas that fill in that gap. The raised rubber spot for the bottom button on the right side of the phone seems to be raised too much and I speculate that it is lightly pressing that button. Since that button supports half presses for the camera, I think it's confusing the phone and it goes into a weird state when it times out. I simply sanded that raised rubber spot for that button and everything is working fine now... no weird behavior.

    I hope that explains it.
    02-23-10 12:29 PM
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    got ya......thanks.
    02-25-10 08:24 AM