1. Andrax's Avatar
    Hey all...

    Just put in an order for the Otterbox Defender for my Tour and it occurred to me just now that at some point I would like to also get a car mount so that if I end up using NAV or just want it out for ease of use in car that a mount would be helpful. Are there ANY car mounts that will accommodate a Tour in the Defender??

    I'd really rather not have to break out the phone from the case to put it in the car and reassemble it when i arrive. I was also going to order a cradle, but thats probably out too.

    08-20-09 09:21 AM
  2. edking4's Avatar
    The Verizon wireless universal window mount would work with the otter box i believe. I have one it its adjustable to fit the phone width and depth and for 15 bucks.
    08-20-09 09:36 PM