1. SSPsoundz's Avatar
    Does anyone know if the $16 Otterbox Commuter Series for Blackberry Bold 9900/30 is legit? I've read some stories of getting a knockoff otterbox on Amazon.com so I'm kind of iffy on it. Anyone else purchase this case from Amazon and can post pictures? Thanks in advance for your time.
    05-03-12 10:54 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    well this one is sold directly by OtterBox


    go by the seller and reviews
    05-03-12 11:30 AM
  3. dictoresno's Avatar
    i just got a brand new, in retail packaging, sold by amazon by otterbox, brand new iphone 4S commuter for $18. yea, they are legit. just check the ratings like Fubaz said and buy from the right seller.
    05-03-12 01:27 PM
  4. IMC12's Avatar
    I have the Otterbox Commuter Series case and liked it for my Bold 9900 but I have since tried out a case by Trident called The Kraken2 and it is awesome. It's slightly bulkier than the commuter but yet smaller than the huge Defender Series case by Otterbox. Here is the link to the case on Amazon.com.

    Amazon.com: Trident Case KKN2-BB-9930-BK Kraken Case for BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 + Holster - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories
    05-03-12 02:07 PM
  5. SSPsoundz's Avatar
    well I pulled the trigger on the lesser costing commuters at Amazon, and if they're fugazi they sure fooled me. The retail package is in fact authentic right down to the logo being inside of the gel skin. Feel free to purchase the ones that say fulfilled by Amazon. Now off to find a holster. Also I went with Phantom Skinz for the screen protector but their adhesive feels off. I'm sure theres another post for that but for the mean time don't hesitate to get the cheaper commuters from Amazon!
    05-11-12 06:16 PM
  6. bgriff25's Avatar
    I ordered one off Amazon back in February. It's a genuine OtterBox case, it just came in AT&T packaging and did not include a screen protector.
    05-11-12 07:01 PM
  7. jrocke0w0's Avatar
    Well that post says "sold by kappuccino..." So it isn't really sold by ottebox. Smh
    06-06-12 07:34 PM
  8. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I ordered my commuter Otterbox from Amazon and it's legit. As said in a couple of other posts, make sure you read the sellers reviews. I got a great deal for $11.25 in original packaging and free shipping
    06-06-12 08:24 PM