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    when i got my 9860, i knew i was going to need a decent case for it. i didnt want just a regular silicone one, so i went ahead with the Otterbox Commuter. my buddy always had his Storm 2 in a Commuter case and i always liked the feel and size of it. so i went onto Otterbox's website and picked one up. i was able to use a promo code i found online via google, got my $4 off the case and free shipping ($3.50).

    i must say, the fit is perfect. the silicone case feels good and fits just right. there is no issue with the case interfering with the buttons or the screen. this was one of the things i was worried about, as i never owned an Otterbox before. the plastic outer case was a tight fit when i went to put it on over the silicone, but thats how its supposed to be. the only buttons that feel strange is the volume rocker. they are so small to begin with, it feels like theres very little feedback from them once the case is on. you just cant feel the "click" as easy. but i barely use it, so no biggie for me. overall the case feels good in hand and doesnt make the phone feel bulky at all. when laying on its back, the plastic part of the case it contacting the medium the phone is resting on. if the phone vibrates, it will jump and slide if its on a table or countertop. just be aware of this if you plan on leaving it unattended. if you get alot of messages, it will walk its way to the floor. resting it face down is another option, where the silicone rests against what the phone is sitting on. this will help keep the phone planted. this is how my friend leaves his Storm 2 resting on things, which i think is cool. the raised casing prevents the screen coming into contact with stuff.

    its also a piece of mind knowing the phone is protected to scuffs and scratches. i think the Commuter case, although pricey, is worth every penny. im glad i got it. i hope if you are on the fence about getting one, rest assured its not too bulky and i feel this paired with a ZAGG screen protector, your Torch will be well off for the days or months to come.
    09-22-11 08:53 PM
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    Thanks for the review and pics........I was undecided between this and the Incipio Silicrylic, but leaning towards the Otterbox. Your review and pics sealed the deal!
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    12-06-11 08:48 PM
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    The case looks good. Otterbox seems to have nailed the commuter line but horribly screwed up the defender line.
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    12-07-11 06:53 AM
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    Just got my Otterbox Commuter for the 9860.
    I agree. The Commuter is indeed a perfect fit. The case almost feels like it's part of the phone!
    I especially like the fact that it's much easier to press the lock button on top, compared to the previous case I used where I had to press firmly to get a response.
    With my experience using the Defender for my Playbook, I initially thought the case would make the phone heavier and bulkier, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't. The phone still feels light, and still looks sleek and slim.
    This is my second experience with Otterbox, and I must say, spending on Otterbox cases is money well spent.
    On a side note, I also purchased a Commuter case for my fiancee's iPhone 4, and she just absolutely loves it (for the protection and the color: pink).
    Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience with it, for those considering getting Otterbox for their 9860/9850 (and also the iphone).

    01-19-12 03:07 AM
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    I've had the Commuter since day 1 with my 9850 and I was rockin' the factory screen protector till yesterday. Had the Zagg screen protector installed last night and I completely agree; it's a fine combo.
    01-27-12 01:35 PM
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    have you dropped it yet?

    when i got my case for my 9700 thats the first thing i did lol

    ... just to test it out

    and now i throw that phone around all the time and its still works FINE

    otterbox is awesome
    01-30-12 11:46 PM
  7. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    So, has anybody found a holster that works with the Otterbox Commuter on the Torch 9850?
    02-03-12 09:09 PM
  8. Omahahaha's Avatar
    So, has anybody found a holster that works with the Otterbox Commuter on the Torch 9850?
    I would like to know this too. Anyone?
    04-23-12 10:03 AM
  9. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    I would like to know this too. Anyone?
    I've search high and low. My next move is to stop by Sprint, ATT and T-Mobile and see if it's compatible with ANY holsters in the store. Maybe some of the droids will have something.....?
    04-23-12 11:59 AM
  10. Omahahaha's Avatar
    I just got my 9850 from wirefly and a commuter case. I want a good holster! I know about the Seidio Surface combo, but I really prefer the otterbox case but don't need the defender model.
    04-27-12 02:30 PM