1. tomkaz's Avatar
    which case is the best for the storm 2 ? commuter, impact or defender?

    04-26-10 03:55 PM
  2. emscapt47's Avatar
    DEFENDER all the way.....
    04-27-10 09:44 PM
  3. young519's Avatar
    ya definatly the defender series. i was using an OEM RIM silicon skin for mine which was good for added grip but i was very worried about dropping it. i decided to go with the defender series because of the added drop protection as well as a holster. it does add a little bit of bulk to the phone but personally i like having it little bigger. snaps in and out of the holster with ease and feels very secure. otterbox also has xcellent customer service should you ever have any problems.
    05-03-10 01:38 PM
  4. GottES's Avatar
    The defender is definitely built like a tank & will offer you ultimate protection. It will add bulk though. Just something to think about.
    Amazon has the best prices I've seen, so far.
    05-08-10 11:30 AM